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And that is the way you train your players. Which means that majority of that starting training will be delegated to the most important skills. For example that would be OP and SC for FWs and DP and TA for DFs. And for other players their respective skills and so on. This effectively means that you will almost maximize those skills and have a player ready for some play even before he reaches that 65% to 75%. Then you move to supporting skills such as BC and AE for FWs and AE and PA for DFs. And then when all of those skills are maximized you go for secondary skills or for overtraining. When someone is going to be ready to play for your first team depends on many factors. Your overall team strength, player potential, training grounds, personality, a bit of random. If your overal team strength is higher than player potential is then you might have to wait for him a bit longer. If it is the other way around than him might come play earlier.

Here is an example. I’ve just trained a player to be 6/9 by the time he is 20 years old. He had age 18 dev type. SC 60, OP 70, BC 72, AE 31, CO 24. Depending on how strong your team is he can already now start playing for your first team.

Players should reach 100% of their training by the age of 28. 100% of training should be around 95% worth of potential. This isn’t to say that they will always be at 95% but it is to say that it is the average where they land.

I get it that there are concerns that some players are going to be dominant for a long time, and that cannot be avoided even if you speed up the game there will be players that will start their development at the age of 18 but know will develop faster and still be dominant for a longer time.

I was myself pro for shifting the dev type age to 16 and 17 and lifting training learned from ~35% to ~40%. This would end with every player reaching 82% by the time they are 24 0 0. After testings done I’m not so sure anymore is that a good decision. Maybe we could introduce age 16 and 17 as well to what we already have, but we need to be careful about it.